JANUARY 4, 2019

Michael Ray proposed to Carly Pearce in Mexico on Dec. 19, he announced on Instagram three days later. “Dec 19,2018– My life forever changed for the better. I got down on one knee in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and looked into the eyes of the most beautiful soul I have ever known and asked her to be my wife!”


You can always count on Kelly Clarkson to keep it real! The Voice coach shared a funny social media message about the holidays-and we can totally relate. “To the person that lost weight over the holidays….Don’t worry, I found it and I will get it back to you starting January 1st.”


Netflix released a movie called Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, In the movie, Bullock and her children are forced to wear blindfolds and navigate a river to protect themselves against an evil monster that, if seen, forces people to commit suicide.  Now, the Bird Box Challenge encourages people to complete tasks similar to those in the movie.  The company said, “We don’t know how this started, and we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl (Bullock’s screen kids) have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes.”


Brian Dunkleman, the former American Idol co-host, is an Uber driver and he will not be job-shamed for providing for his family. After TMZ reported on the television personality’s divorce proceedings that revealed he was making a living as an Uber driver, Dunkleman, who is best known for co-hosting Idol alongside Ryan Seacrest during its first season in 2002, fired back on Twitter Thursday. “I chose to stop doing standup comedy and started driving an Uber so I could be there for my son as much as he needed after our life as we knew it was destroyed. Print that,” he tweeted, referring to his contentious divorce and ongoing custody battle with his estranged wife. “And I make over a grand on a good week”


Adam Levine just took a massive piece of property off the hands of recently divorced Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner … plunking down $32 MILLION for their former family home. Real estate sources say Adam and his wife made the purchase at the end of 2018 for the 3-building compound. In total, the Pacific Palisades pad is a whopping 16,000 square feet … complete with pool, basketball court, gym, screening room and art studio. The 3.1-acre property never officially hit the market … the sale was done privately


This year’s Farm Show butter sculpture encourages Pennsylvanians to find their power, and it features some everyday heroes transformed into superheroes by drinking milk. The half-ton sculpture was unveiled Thursday morning and depicts several people — a soldier, a doctor, a firefighter, an athlete and a dairy farmer — wearing superhero capes. The sculpture highlights the Choose PA Dairy “Find Your Power” campaign. Sculptors Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, of Montgomery County, began crafting it in mid-December with butter donated by Land O’Lakes in Carlisle.  The sculpture, which will be on display in the Farm Show’s Main Hall. The Farm Show begins tomorrow and ends on Jan. 12. When the event is over, the butter will be taken to Reinford Farm in Juniata County and converted into renewable energy.


Deanna Carter – 53                                                                                                             Patty Loveless -62


APRIL 19, 2019

The ripple effect of Tiger Woods’ shocking win at the Masters last weekend just keeps going. Before the Masters started, a 25-year-old guy named Trey Little in Dallas, made a deal with his pregnant 39-year-old fiancée, If Tiger somehow wins, they’d name their son Tiger. And they even signed a contract. Well . . .…

APRIL 17, 2019

STEPHEN HAWKING and ALBERT EINSTEIN were both said to have IQs around 160. But did you know that some CELEBRITIES are up in that range, too? Matt Damon, Conan O’Brien, and Quentin Tarantino are all right up there with Hawking and Einstein, at 160. Running just below them are Alicia Keys and Cindy Crawford, at…