Chris Janson Shuts Down Nashville’s Lower Broadway to Send a Message in New “Drunk Girl” Video [Watch]

Chris Janson Shuts Down Nashville’s Lower Broadway to Send a Message in New “Drunk Girl” Video [Watch]

After taking “Fix a Drink” to the top of the Mediabase chart in November 2017, Chris Janson is hoping his current single, “Drunk Girl,” will find a home there.

But don’t let the two aforementioned song titles fool you. “Fix a Drink” and “Drunk Girl” couldn’t be farther apart thematically.

Fun-loving “Fix a Drink” kept the summertime party flowing with cocktails and cold beers, while “Drunk Girl” tackles a much more serious subject matter: respecting women, regardless of the circumstances.

The tune—which was co-penned by Chris, Tom Douglas and Scooter Carusoe—reinforces its theme of respect throughout the chorus: Take a drunk girl home / Let her sleep all alone / Leave her keys on the counter, your number by the phone / Pick up her life she threw on the floor / Leave the hall lights on, walk out and lock the door / That’s how she knows the difference between a boy and man / Take a drunk girl home.

“Both of my co-writers are legendary,” said Chris to Nash Country Daily. “They certainly didn’t need me in the room. I can tell you that the song basically wrote itself. We were just stewards of the ship. And I say that in regard to, sometimes songs happen like that. You can’t really twist and turn ’em. If you try, you mess ’em up. If you let them lead, they lead. We wrote ‘Drunk Girl’ from a father’s perspective. We are all dads. I would hope after hearing the lyrics, if my daughter was in that situation, I hope someone would take care of her. Being a husband, being a dad of girls, I have such a great respect for women in general. I think this song needed to be said.”

Chris released a new video for the tune, which is currently No. 27 on the Mediabase chart. Directed by Jeff Venable, the new clip features Chris playing piano in the middle of Broadway—the street that runs through downtown Nashville’s famed honky-tonk district—as interspersed footage tells the story of a woman who finds herself living out the song’s lyrics after enduring an abusive childhood and a college assault.

Watch the video for “Drunk Girl” below.

photo courtesy of Brenton Giesey/Warner Music Nashville 


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