Watch Keith Urban Perform New Single, “Coming Home,” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Watch Keith Urban Perform New Single, “Coming Home,” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Keith Urban treated fans in L.A. to an outdoor performance of tunes from his new album, Graffiti U, during his visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 30.

Keith performed his current single, “Coming Home,” as well as “Same Heart,” which is also featured on the new album.

As Keith told NCD in April, he gets a peculiar feeling before he performs his songs on TV, much like he did before singing “Coming Home” at the ACM Awards.

“I was terrified—I had never played [“Coming Home”] live before and there are a lot of words,” said Keith with a laugh. “There’s a weird voice in my head that happens every time I play on a TV show and it happened at the ACMs when we did ‘Coming Home.’ The song starts and I’m walking up to the mic and the voice goes, ‘Don’t forget the words.’ Out of the blue, literally. My heart [pounds] and then it all comes out.”

Watch Keith perform “Coming Home” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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