Zac Brown Reveals More About Mysterious “Robert Baker” From New Sir Rosevelt Album

Zac Brown Reveals More About Mysterious “Robert Baker” From New Sir Rosevelt Album

Zac Brown, Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti of Sir Rosevelt stopped by the NCD office to talk about the trio’s new self-titled album, which features 11 dance-worthy songs that fuse elements of pop, dance, EDM, jazz, disco, big band, R&B and country.

The album’s new single, “Something ’Bout You,” is impacting country radio now.

“‘Something ’Bout You’ is reactive,” says Zac. “The elements are very much Sir Rosevelt, but it’s accessible to country music and we’re excited to get to share that . . . with people who are open to all kinds of music. I feel like it’s a great segue from one journey to another.”

While country radio will share “Something ’Bout You,” country fans will have to dig deeper to hear the most intriguing track on the new album, “Robert Baker,” which was inspired by one of Zac’s real-life friends of the same name, who, according to the song’s lyrics, has “hair like a Ken doll” and is “my hero, your hero.”

“People are like, ‘Who’s Robert Baker?’” says Zac. “And that’s exactly what you should be thinking when you get done listening to the song. He’s actually a guy who lives the lifestyle [of the song]. He’s a friend of mine that lives in Florida. And we’ve come up with different categories of pimping . . . Robert Baker’s [on] another level. You can’t ever really see his face. He’s always just the slick guy walking out of the scene.”

Listen to “Robert Baker” below.


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