FEBRUARY 13, 2018

46 year old DARYLE SINGLETARY passed away unexpectedly at his home in Tennessee early yesterday morning. He leaves behind a wife and four children. An official cause of death has not been announced, although some sources are saying it was a blood clot. Daryle was on the country charts in the ’90s with hits like “I Let Her Lie”, “Amen Kind of Love” . . . and “Too Much Fun”.  He still recorded music and kept touring. He released a duets album with Rhonda Vincent last summer. His last show was Saturday in Louisiana, and the club posted a video that night of him performing Johnny Paycheck’s “Old Violin”. Charlie Daniels Tweeted, “Rest in peace Buddy, you sang country like country should be sung.” And Tanya Tucker Tweeted, “Daryle Singletary was one of my very favorite country singers. I just saw him and hugged his neck at Mel Tillis’ memorial. I’m so thankful for that.”  AND   Vic Damone, whose mellow baritone once earned praise from Frank Sinatra as “the best pipes in the business,” has died in Florida at the age of 89.


LUKE COMBS came across a photo that reminded him of the exact day he decided to be a country singer. It was February 14th, 2014 and he was in the crowd at an ERIC CHURCH concert. He’s right up front and you can tell he’s all-in. It’s captioned, “That’s the day the kid you see on the left KNEW that he wanted to do what that guy on the right was doing.  Thanks for the inspiration, Chief.”


U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim crushed everyone in the women’s halfpipe to win Gold last night. Shaun White kicked off his fourth Olympics in the men’s halfpipe qualifying round last night, and made it into the finals with the top qualifying score on both runs.  The finals will air live in primetime tonight. U.S. speedskater Brittany Bowe just missed out on a medal, finishing 5th in the women’s 1,500 meter Long Track event.  That’s our best finish for any Long Track event in the last eight years.  She missed the Bronze by about 1.2 seconds.


Some guy climbed a tree in WILLIAM SHATNER’s yard, but ran off when he was confronted. A prowler took off after setting off a burglar alarm at JOE JONAS’s house, and police showed up at CHER’s place after someone accidentally set off her panic alarm.


“Black Panther” could have a $165 million opening weekend.  If that happens, it’ll be the biggest February opening, and one of the biggest superhero movie openings, of all time. —- BETTE MIDLER and SHARON STONE will star in a movie version of the Broadway show “The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife”.


JIM PARSONS from “The Big Bang Theory” will star in a movie called “The Legend of Georgia McBride”. He’ll play a DRAG QUEEN who teaches an Elvis impersonator how to become a FEMALE impersonator.

Chances are, LUKE BRYAN will be off the grid and unreachable tomorrow. His Valentine’s Day is always reserved for his wife.  “Well, I mean Valentine’s Day is – it’s kinda me and Caroline’s day just to go and just being with one another for a full day.”


Valentine’s Day has DARIUS RUCKER being thankful that his wife came into his life. “I don’t know what it was about her.  I mean, it was EVERYTHING about her.  I knew, I told her I was going to marry her on our first date.  [You] know, her and country music saved my life.”


BILLY CURRINGTON’s mom talked him into giving his grade school girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift. “We got her a box of chocolates or whatever it was.  I remember going down to her classroom and knocking on the door, getting her to come to the door.  I remember handing it to her, and then I took off running.”


Valentine’s Day or not, DIERKS BENTLEY wants guys to open the door for the lady on the first date.  “It’s a nice thing to do.  Unlocking the door for somebody to get in the car.  If you’re doing that you’re obviously thinking about ways to be respectful, be considerate, be kind and be thoughtful and make for a good first date.”


Jennifer Garner spent part of her weekend helping her kids, Violet and Seraphina, sell boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. She posted to Instagram a photo of her holding a sign advertising the treats with a caption that read, “Why yes, kind sir, we do have Thin Mints.”  Then she posted, “While my Girl Scout and Brownie have to sell their own cookies, I did buy a limited number of boxes from them to share with you guys. So, if you truly have no Girl Scout in your life, please send me your order and your address and I will try to hook you up.”  She sold out in minutes.


Disney announced a price hike for one-day tickets to its amusement parks.



The premiere of “The Bachelor Winter Games” at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. A four-part spin-off where 12 Americans compete with 14 international bachelors and bachelorettes in winter sport challenges that lead to dates / romance. It airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the next two weeks of the Olympics.

“20/20: Lights, Camera, Romance” at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. The cast and crew of classic romantic movies talk about the most memorable moments from their films.  The hour-long special will also include interviews with “Fifty Shades of Grey” costars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.


Prince Michael Jackson, Jr. is 21


JANUARY 23, 2019

LAUREN ALAINA and her fiancé Alex Hopkins have called off their engagement. They’ve been together since 2012 when they met in high school, but things have changed a lot since they got engaged last summer.  They hit up Instagram to say, “While we still have love for each other, we’ve grown into very different people…

JANUARY 18, 2019

Here’s an Internet challenge: Defend your favorite villain.  Here are a few examples: Tom from “Tom & Jerry”: “That’s his job. He’s a cat and there’s literally a rodent in the house.” The Trix Rabbit: “All he wanted was a bowl of cereal and those kids never offered him some, so he turned to a…