FEBRUARY 12, 2018

OMAROSA had to leave the “Celebrity Big Brother” house Saturday to be treated for asthma that was brought on by BOWLING. It wasn’t just regular bowling, though. Omarosa had to compete in a challenge where they would spin around and get dizzy, THEN bowl.  The challenge sent her running for her inhaler, then for help from the medic.  She was back at the house by Saturday night.  She said it was a really scary experience.


“Architectural Digest” visited JENNIFER ANISTON’s house, and one of the pictures shows a Jean Royère Polar Bear sofa. Only about 150 of these were made in 1947, so they’re pretty rare. No word how much Jennifer paid for hers, but two of them were sold at auction in 2016.  One went for $358,000, and the other sold for $754,000.  For a couch?  ELLEN and KANYE WEST apparently have them too.


CARRIE UNDERWOOD posted a photo where she’s working out in what appears to be her home gym . . . but she’s looking away from the camera so you only see the right side of her face. She’s clearly not ready to go public since getting those stitches. She captioned the photo, “My boys make workouts fun . . . and a bit less productive, but that’s okay.”  Her two-year-old son Isaiah is next to her imitating her pose.  This just shows how difficult it must be to deal with private matters when you’re in the public eye.


Luke Bryan sent JON PARDI this text” ‘Man, you wanna go on tour?’  Jon said ‘Yeah.'”  And that was it!. It helps that they’re friends who go way back.  They met in 2011, when they  were playing little 1,000-seat theaters.


BRETT YOUNG has shared his take on Valentine’s Day, and if he practices what he preaches, then somebody should lock this guy down immediately. “I feel like a lot of the things that are done or said on Valentine’s Day are things that should be done and said year round and they’re too easily forgotten. “So I always celebrate it but I do think that people should remind themselves on a day like Valentine’s Day that everything that they’re doing and saying are things that they should remember and do and say on a regular basis.”


DANIELLE BRADBERY’s key to having a good Valentine’s Day is to take the pressure off and just let it flow. “I love Valentine’s Day and you can make it, honestly, however you want. I’m in a relationship and in past times we’ve just gone to dinner and had a night to ourselves, or gone and watched a movie and simple things like that.”


Last week, TMZ reported that the SPICE GIRLS were planning a reunion tour that would kick off late this summer. They were supposed to hit up the U.K., the U.S., and possibly more.  But over the weekend, Victoria Beckham insisted that’s NOT happening.  Posh said, “I’m not going on tour.  The girls aren’t going on tour.” She admitted that the girls did recently reunite to discuss future plans, but that they were brainstorming. She didn’t really elaborate, so it’s unclear what the options are.  It’s possible that they could be getting together for a one-off show – or to do a couple of gigs.  Or maybe it has nothing to do with music.  Maybe it’s a TV cameo or skit.


Now that KELSEA BALLERINI is headlining, she’s finding out what it’s like to have the audience sing EVERY single word of her songs. She posted a clip from her show on Saturday . . . and the crowd stays with her for every beat of “Love Me Like You Mean It”.  It’s kind of like the early Taylor Swift days.


BILLY CURRINGTON has invited LOCASH to open his 2018 tour. It’ll kick-off March 30th in Wallingford, Connecticut and run through the summer.


SIDNEY CROSBY of the Pittsburgh Penguins scored his 400th goal.


“Fifty Shades Freed” topped the box office this weekend, taking in $38.8 million. “Peter Rabbit” was second with $25 million, and “The 15:17 to Paris” opened in third with $12.6 million.


CAM released the video to her song, “Diane”. According to “People”, it’s a response to Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” . . . and is from the point of view of the woman who was “trying to steal” Dolly’s man.


“Daytime Olympics Coverage” at Noon on NBC.

“Primetime Olympics Coverage” at 8:00 p.m. on NBC

“The Bachelor” at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.


JANUARY 23, 2019

LAUREN ALAINA and her fiancé Alex Hopkins have called off their engagement. They’ve been together since 2012 when they met in high school, but things have changed a lot since they got engaged last summer.  They hit up Instagram to say, “While we still have love for each other, we’ve grown into very different people…

JANUARY 18, 2019

Here’s an Internet challenge: Defend your favorite villain.  Here are a few examples: Tom from “Tom & Jerry”: “That’s his job. He’s a cat and there’s literally a rodent in the house.” The Trix Rabbit: “All he wanted was a bowl of cereal and those kids never offered him some, so he turned to a…