Wade Bowen Talks About His Texas Roots, Early Influences, Touring, Upcoming 2018 Album & More + Performs 2 New Songs

Wade Bowen Talks About His Texas Roots, Early Influences, Touring, Upcoming 2018 Album & More + Performs 2 New Songs

Jim Casey talks with Wade Bowen about:

  • his 2002 debut album, Try Not to Listen
  • his musical upbringing as a kid in Waco, Texas
  • getting serious about music as an 18-year-old
  • discovering his soulful voice
  • starting his first band, West 84, while at Texas Tech
  • earning a Public Relations degree from Texas Tech
  • working at the family company, Bowen Electric, for two years
  • focusing on songwriting over the last 15 years
  • music his parents listened to when he was young
  • being influenced by artists like Guy Clark and Bruce Springsteen
  • making his new album, Solid Ground, which will drop on Feb. 9
  • the “Texas feel” of his new album
  • working with songwriters Andrew Combs, Keith Gattis, Charlie Worsham, Angaleena Presley and more on the new album
  • working with producer Keith Gattis on the new album
  • choosing to hone his craft in Texas instead of moving to Nashville
  • his single, “Acuna,” reaching the Top 5 on the Texas Radio chart
  • getting Jack Ingram and Miranda Lambert to contribute vocals on new song “So Long 6th Street”
  • writing “Couldn’t Make You Love Me” with Audley Freed and Keith Gattis
  • the melting pot of talent on the new album
  • teaming with Randy Rogers and Kip Moore for the Tall Tales and the Truth Tour
  • playing MusicFest at Steamboat, Colorado, for the 16th year in 2018
  • spending time with his two sons and wife over Christmas


  • Wade Bowen
  • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief


  • “Acuna” and “Day of the Dead” from upcoming album, Solid Ground
  • Wade: vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Will Knaak: lead guitar, background vocals


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