Watch Garth Brooks Perform “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” in Front of 73,000 Fan in Atlanta

Watch Garth Brooks Perform “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” in Front of 73,000 Fan in Atlanta

Garth Brooks christened Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium with its first concert on Oct. 12.

With a 90-yard stage that spanned the Atlanta Falcon’s field from 5-yard line to 5-yard line, Garth started the concert with a fiery rendition of Charlie Daniel’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” before treating the 73,000 fans to hit after hit, including “Sail My Vessel,” “Two Pina Coladas,” “Unanswered Prayers,” “That Summer,” “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” “The Dance,” “Friends in Low Places” and more.

“Our job is to make [the concert] as warm as we can,” said Garth before the show. “And with the stage reaching from 5-yard-line to 5-yard-line, we’re going to be close. The front row is something stupid, like over a thousand seats. That’s how a concert should be, right there—where every seat feels like it’s front row.”

Trisha Yearwood’s set included “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl),” “How Do I Live,” “Prizefighter” and more. Former President Jimmy Carter also made an appearance onstage to present Trisha—a Georgia native—with a proclamation from the Peach State for her support over the years.

“I’m so proud to be from here, you know,” said Trisha before the show. “I’m proud for Atlanta. I’m proud for Georgia to have this stadium. It is amazing for this city. I’m honored to be a part of it.”

During his five-song encore, Garth dedicated his a cappella performance of “The Change” to the Las Vegas shooting victims.

Watch Garth’s performance of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” below.


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