Exclusive Clip: Behind the Scenes With Kelsea Ballerini on the Set of Her “Legends” Video

Exclusive Clip: Behind the Scenes With Kelsea Ballerini on the Set of Her “Legends” Video

Kelsea Ballerini’s new video for her current single, “Legends,” is an emotional roller coaster full of twists and turns.

Directed by Jeff Venable, the new clip opens at the scene of a car crash, before flashbacks show a couple as they get married and raise a family. A tragic twist ensues (the car crash), but the video ends on an optimistic note. Throughout the video, there are interspersed clips of Kelsea performing the song against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and Big Sur, Calif.

As Kelsea was filming the performance section of the video in Big Sur, Calif., earlier this summer, she took a break on her tour bus to give us a behind-the-scenes peek into the thought process behind the making of the video.

“I wrote ‘Legends’ with the perspective of a breakup . . . or it’s the loss of a love, whether that’s a breakup or a death or whatever,” says Kelsea. “We wanted to really capture all of that in this video. And I’m just, like, a sucker for love and I think that [director] Jeff [Venable] wrote this video treatment of kinda playing off of This Is Us—that TV show that everyone is obsessed with right now. And it just captured this really beautiful love story and added this really heartfelt meaning to the song that was really important for me to show.”

Co-penned by Kelsea, Glen Whitehead and Hillary Lindsey, “Legends” is the first single from Kelsea’s upcoming sophomore album, Unapologetically, which drops on Nov. 3.


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