RaeLynn Calls Upon the Friendly Support of Gal Pals in New “Lonely Call” Video [Watch]

RaeLynn Calls Upon the Friendly Support of Gal Pals in New “Lonely Call” Video [Watch]

Following the Top 30 success of WildHorse’s lead single, “Love Triangle,” RaeLynn released the album’s second single, “Lonely Call,” to country radio in June. Now she has a new video for the tune.

Co-written by RaeLynn, Nicolle Galyon and Rob Hawkins, “Lonely Call” finds the narrator refusing to be her ex’s late-night booty call as she sings “When you start to wonder if you made the wrong choice / So let it ring, let it ring all night long / ’Cause I ain’t your lonely call / I ain’t your lonely call, call, oh / Let it ring, let it ring, let it ring, girl.”

The new video, which was directed by Chris Hicky, features RaeLynn offering support to the lead character, who is played by real-life friend Abby Cook. To get Abby’s mind of the constant ringing off her tenacious ex, RaeLynn arranges a girls’ night in, with the help of a few friends, including her sister-in-law Heather Davis, The Goldbergs star Hayley Orrantia and upcoming artist Lindsay James Hague.

Watch the new clip below.


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