“Chuggin’” Charles Esten Keeps Streaking as He Approaches Week No. 52 of #EverySingleFriday

“Chuggin’” Charles Esten Keeps Streaking as He Approaches Week No. 52 of #EverySingleFriday

“Joltin’” Joe DiMaggio had a 56-game hit steak in baseball in 1941, a record that still stands today.

“Chuggin’” Charles Esten is working on an impressive streak of his own. Full disclosure, we just made up the “Chuggin’” nickname, but it seems befitting as Charles chugs along toward country music history.

Since July 15, 2016, Charles has released an original song every Friday for 48 consecutive weeks. On June 16, Charles will release No. 49 in his #EverySingleFriday series.

God willing—and if he can stave off extreme exhaustion—Charles will release No. 52 on July 7, a feat that has never been accomplished, as far as we know.

“I’ve been writing and performing music since I was in college and had a deep catalog of original songs I wanted to put out,” says Charles. “Last July, I decided to release one song a week, every single Friday. Here we are, almost a year later, and we’re still going strong.”

As Charles continues his DiMaggio-like streak, he’ll be chuggin’ along with the cast of Nashville for a few more European tour dates before kicking off the U.S leg of the tour on July 23.


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