Trisha Yearwood Wants Your Vote: Who Can Handle HOT Better?

Trisha Yearwood Wants Your Vote: Who Can Handle HOT Better?

Trisha Yearwood is dipping her toe in the age-old battle of the sexes. While filming the tenth season of her popular cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen— on the Food Network, the star headed over to Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville for some, wait for it… hot chicken.

While there, Trisha admitted to ordering the hot chicken before but never the extra, extra, extra hot chicken. She posed the question, “Who orders that?”

The Prince’s employee immediately responded saying, “Women. More women than men. That should tell you something about a woman”

With that said, Trisha and NCD want to know what you think.

Who can handle HOT better? Men or women?  Vote now.

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