After More Than 30 Million Streams, Russell Dickerson Is Ready for You to Hear “Yours” on Country Radio

After More Than 30 Million Streams, Russell Dickerson Is Ready for You to Hear “Yours” on Country Radio

If Spotify streams and YouTube views are any indication, Tennessee native Russell Dickerson has a bona fide hit on his hands with his single, “Yours,” which he released to country radio today (April 24). The tune, which was co-penned by Russell, Casey Brown and Parker Welling, has been streamed more than 30 million times on Spotify and the video has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

With that kind of Internet-friendly momentum behind him—as well as being a part of Thomas Rhett’s current Home Team Tour—Russell is ready for you to hear “Yours” on country radio.

“People just connected to ‘Yours,’ and shared it and it became this wedding song,” says Russell to Nash Country Daily. “We didn’t write it for that. We weren’t like, ‘Hey, what would couples love to hear for their first dance?’ But it’s turned into the perfect first-dance song. It was just writing an honest love song. I wrote it with two people that had seen my relationship with my wife from day one and so it was just this super honest love song and I think that’s what connects with people. It is an honest love song because when you meet that one person, it changes you.”

Russell’s wife, Kailey, obviously liked the song so much that she took it upon herself to direct, shoot and edit a music video for “Yours” (she also co-stars in it).

“We were just going to shoot some test footage and we were out on this back road and it just happened this giant storm was rolling in and so we were like, ‘All right, this is getting real. This is the magic right here,’ so we just shot up and down that road as many times as we could,” says Russell. “Then it just like started pouring down rain and I was soaked from head to toe and we just kept going and kept going just to capture as much as we could.”

photo by Jason Simanek


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